Friday, December 17, 2010

Current Events

Remember in high school when you used to have to bring a newspaper article and a one-page report on it to civics class and then the teacher would randomly call on 3 people to share them? Those used to stress me out so bad. To this day I can't tell what media phenomenon constitutes a significant political event, and I was always worried I'd bring in something like "Giant Squid Sighting" when everyone else had cut out "World Trade Towers Attacked."
Luckily, I'm pretty sure that the current events in OUR lives have zero global significance.

1. It snowed all day yesterday, resulting in about three inches that closed down schools in Maryland yesterday AND today, and postponed Colby's work party. Everyone was freaking out and driving 10 miles an hour everywhere and stocking up on MREs and glow sticks. Colby said everyone at his work was so concerned that HE started getting concerned too, until he remembered that it was only three inches and he grew up in Idaho. I thought it was festive. It finally feels like Christmas!

2. I stayed at home most of the day yesterday, and almost died of boredom. Then I tried to complain to Colby about it and he said, "Really? Because I went to work all day." He didn't feel bad for me. I can't figure out why.

3. I'm trying to read Moby Dick. It's really good, but it takes so much energy that reading isn't a relaxing pastime anymore. Colby settled down to read his book for a while last night, so I got out Moby, but then I just sat around looking at the cover for a while until I thought of something easier to do. What? Yes, I am planning to get a master's degree in English. Why, does that require literacy?

4. I went to the mall yesterday, and the man behind the counter called me "Sir." The worst part is that for once I had actually done my hair that morning, put on a nice sweater, and was wearing lipstick. See if I ever get ready for the day again.

5. I recently started studying for the GRE and am having the time of my life. I had forgotten how much I love standardized testing. On the state exams we had to take every year in high school, the sample question on every test was about a boy named Jim who had lost his dog, Sultan, in the rain. I loved Jim and his dog Sultan. I love standardized tests. I love bubbling in the little answers, especially my name at the beginning, I love that the answer is on the page and you'll find it if you just think hard enough, I love them because they are usually simple and straightforward. I love them because they are not very specific, like the final exam of a class you didn't understand, they are just general, and generally, you know the answers. I love them because they are a lot like crossword puzzles and they make me feel good about myself. Hooray for the GRE, the ACT I never thought I'd get to take again!

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  1. Get out. I'm reading Moby Dick right now too! I like it a lot. Super descriptive, and the Queequeg-Ishmael duo cracks me up. I wish you were closer so we could start a book club. Also so we could watch football games and go on bike/roller blading cruises along the provo trail. And eat no bakes, and about 100 other things. Love you!