Friday, January 14, 2011

Colby is working late today

I just tried to write "I am bored" in French, and ended up with "I am boring." Then I deleted it out of embarrassment. Attention, everyone, Elvis has left the building, along with the last shred of knowledge from my college education.

I'm so bored that even fun things sound boring.

In other news, I took the car to the Honda dealership today to get the oil changed, among other things, and I sat in the waiting room forever. Did you know that the acting on All My Children is so bad that when you're just listening to the television from across the room the show is almost indistinguishable from an infomercial? Then I ate a sandwich, then I sat for a while longer, then I started crocheting a sweater, then I sat some more.

Then I came home and sat. And crocheted. I don't know why I was so eager to get out of the Honda dealership, because nothing really changed.

Here's a completely unrelated story, for your entertainment (but mostly mine).

One time, my freshman year of college, I got asked out by a random guy I'd never met. Because I was wearing a shirt from Cambodia and that's where he served his mission and whether or not that was the reason, that was the cover story. So, I went, and it was fine, but not great, so that was the only date. Two years later he shows up in my organic chemistry class. I spend the entire semester smiling at him when our paths cross, because, hey, we met, and maybe the date wasn't great, but you should acknowledge that you know somebody, right? So finally, one day I'm out in the hallway studying when he comes up to me. I say hello, because I know him, but he introduces himself to me, because apparently he doesn't know me. Anymore. Then he asks me out again. For a first date. I know it was the same guy. I didn't exactly know how to confront him about this, so I just gave him my phone number. Again. He never called, so I guess he figured it out.


  1. hahaha ummm not sure I ever heard the update on that story. Super, super awkward. P.S. you need to come to D.C. next week so I can take you to lunch. And someday we should go to this D.C. French club thing, too...and Eastern Market (apparently the blueberry buckwheat pancakes there are amazing)....okay, I just get way too excited thinking about the fact that WE'RE BOTH HERE NOW.

  2. hehehe...that's funny. :D

    sorry you're bored--you should still do the master's thing, btw. Even if you just want to read the good books, you'll still learn a lot about analyzing literature. do it! :D