Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some lists

Things I am grateful for lately:
1. The carnations on our coffee table. They're pink and orange, and just beautiful.
2. An old friend in town for the semester, an old friend back in the country, and a new friend across the hall. Jen is doing Washington Seminar and Lar is back from her mission. And my neighbor Jeong Hee is bringing so much friendship into my days. She is Korean, and so kind and friendly, and has a sweet self-deprecating sense of humor, and I feel like we're such good friends even though I think she's my mom's age.
3. Primary. It's the best. It's also super tiring and sometimes I'm slightly terrified at the responsibility, but our sunbeams are cute and forgiving and super wiggly.
4. My fitness conscience turned back on last night. I've been kind of worried at its absence, because I haven't been able to make myself feel bad about my gross diet of junk food and my lack of exercise. But I felt the pilot light come on again yesterday and I went running (very slowly) today, and I'm feeling so good about it.
5. Colby is wonderful. Enough said.

A brief wishlist:
1. I was blogstalking a girl I used to know this morning, and she and her husband are now living in Thailand, just outside Chiang Mai, and building a house in the jungle. I can't help wishing WE were building a house in Thailand. Like, pouring the cement ourselves and everything. What an adventure!
2. I wish cilantro came in more reasonably-sized bunches, so I'd ever have a prayer at finishing the whole thing before it got all wilted-up and brown.
3. I wish Virginia's climate was as conducive to running as Juneau in the summer. I'm not kidding, guys, it's the best. Cool, misty mornings, sea level, flat roads, great running trails, and gorgeous, not to mention light outside no matter how early you get up. I miss that.


  1. You are wonderful. You make me laugh all the time. I love you guys! And please don't move to Chang Mai--I've been there and it's kind of scary!

  2. I found the cilantro secret. This week, I put it in a lettuce keeper. It is still good, like over a week later! Amazing!