Saturday, January 14, 2012

"We got gas, we got rugs, we got crazy asian food" or, Best Saturday Ever

Today we left the house intending to go to the bank and the grocery store.

The bank was closed.

Then the gas light came on.

We stopped for gas.

While we sat there, we watched a man standing on top of a truck, waving a sign advertising the closeout sale of a home goods/rug store that was going out of business.

We've been needing some rugs.

We went in.

We came out approximately 1.5 hours later with two (2) rugs. Two gorgeous, wool, oriental rugs. Two gorgeous wool oriental rugs for 85% off. Mmmmm.

Thinking the day had already reached it's pinnacle, we went grocery shopping.

We were wrong.

The day got better.

The new grocery store we tried was
1) tiny
2) kind of dirty
3) extremely crowded
4) extremely crowded predominantly with Asian people
5) also Mexicans
6) also way too many shopping carts
7) also Asian and Mexican foods
REALLY CHEAP meat and produce
9) also live lobsters
10) also durian. It was frozen. If you don't know why it is better for durian to be frozen, keep it that way.
11) also Indian food brands that brought back memories for one of us.

Then we went home.

Then tonight we got Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

It's going to be hard to beat this next week. Especially because next week probably involves cleaning out the storage room I mean second bedroom.

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