Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I'd rather be doing than what I have to do today:

Making pancakes on a coleman stove outside a tent in Yosemite, while Colby reads me our hike options for the day.

Running a trail with a new pair of ultra-light running shoes on. This would require me to not have a nasty cold.

Wandering barefoot out of the resort restaurant where we've just enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, to the grey dawn over a golden beach where we will spend THE ENTIRE DAY lying in the sun reading wonderful literature. And also my hair is casually breathtaking and I'm wearing a cotton sundress.

Sitting in a cheap, out-of-the-way student seat up behind the lighting on the catwalk and crying over the opera.

Browsing the farmer's market for vegetable starts to plant in my garden later, wearing keenes, linen pants and a baby in a wrap-carrier. And it's 70 degrees.

Drinking bottles of rootbeer with Jake and Gina at the outside tables at C's deli.

Not high school. So there's one thing I have going for me.

Going back to sleep. But, in a hammock, with a book on my chest, in mottled warm sunshine, under a pine tree. In... Provo.

Slacklining with Colby at a park with no bugs in it, only he's set the line a lot lower than he usually does, so I'm good at it.

Riding a horse. Anywhere.

Sitting in a cherry tree eating cherries that are all ripe and all delicious and all worm-free and I can eat as many as I want and not get sick later.

Rock climbing up Rock Canyon.

Exploring a 4th of July street fair with Gina, eating a hot dog and thinking about popsicles and fireworks.

Browsing a Christmas market in Berlin.

At a rodeo. And it's a great show and the country music is loud and I have boots on. Kettle corn? Yes please.


On a super long road trip. And we've been in the car for 2 hours so far and we have 6 more to look forward to and we brought stellar snacks and the scenery is fantastic and we're listening to all our favorite songs. And we're going somewhere amazing. And we're not in a hurry so we're stopping at places that look interesting.

At Lavell Edwards Stadium with my old roommates. October, but not too cold. And we're winning, and the sunset is blinding.

Swimming in the ice cold Virgin River on the hottest day of summer.

Roasting marshmallows around the fire pit at Grandpa's ranch, listening to stories and far-off cattle lowing.

Playing the piano at home, with Buddy lying underneath listening, but pretending he doesn't care.

Breathing in a street market in Marrakesh.

Curled up in front of the fire in Island Park on Christmas eve afternoon, thinking about getting in the hot tub. Oh, and we're snowed in.

Exactly what I'm doing right now, except with a bag of Trader Joe's white cheddar cheese puffs. A new one, not the crumbs from the last one.


  1. not high school? Not even the part where we make a doughnut run after seminary and belt out some good tunes while we swap makeup and then carry naked babies around in our pockets?

  2. No, that part was STELLAR! The high school part of high school? Not as stellar. Miss you!!

  3. This post was wonderful. Naked babies Rachel? No wonder high school was so traumatic.