Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm just saying it'd be nice.

After an exhausting day of furniture shopping and an equally exhausting evening of trying to rearrange our house, this is what the living room looked like at 10:30pm.

(Not pictured:  The new bookcase that Colby obligingly moved to like five thousand different positions.  It's currently in our bedroom, not that it will stay there)

M:  Colby, let's burn it down.
C:  Maria.  No.  
M:  I want to.  I wanna burn it down.  I wanna burn it down!  I JUST WANT TO BURN IT DOWN!!!
C:  Then we'd just have to buy all new stuff.
M:  No we wouldn't, we'd run away and live in the woods.  
C:  Maria, your ideas stink. 


  1. hahahaha
    I love you and when you go to the woods, can I come visit?!

  2. :) You're so great. And I LOVE Colby's comments. Why are men so logical? It doesn't help.

  3. Hasn't he read My Side of the Mountain? Your ideas rock.