Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I forgot to tell you!

First: an update. Remember all the books I got from the library that one time? I only read one of them. And I'm not telling you which one, because I'm embarrassed.

Second: I have a job, sort of. I have been working part-time for a family in our ward. They have four children, one of whom is handicapped. For him, they get a state grant for 30 hours of help a week. I was a few of those 30 last week, and will keep helping out until I find a "real" job.

So yesterday I took one of the boys to physical therapy. It was super hard to get through two sets of doors on the way out, plus down the ramp to the car, especially because the sidewalk is kind of pot-holed and I'm sure the poor kid feels like he's off-roading in a wheelchair. So yesterday we were coming down the ramp and we seemed to interrupt an intense conversation between 3 or 4 tough asian guys standing on the ramp. This was difficult to navigate, because the ramp is really narrow. As we scraped past them I gave them an endearing, apologetic smile and told the boy with me to "Say excuse me!"

I heard one sheepish "Excuse me." Not from my friend in the wheelchair, from a tough asian kid who thought I was talking to him.

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