Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One mo' 'gain

I obviously forgot how to blog. I intended to keep writing about our daily life because I so enjoyed having the outlet, finding the humor, exercising my brain, and stringing wonderful words together. But I haven't been doing that because my life is like, way too boring to write about. If I told you what I do all day, you'd be embarrassed to be friends with me. It would go like this, which is how conversations with Colby usually go when I pick him up:

Me: "Hi, how was your day? Mine was good. You know what I (heard/read/saw) on (NPR/my friend's blog/a blog of someone I've never met/mind-numbing television show) today? Weird, huh? Oh, and I did some laundry. Oh, and I played a lot of tetris."

So, what I'm really doing by posting awful horrible heart-wrenchingly sad songs and terrific yellow-journalism I-wish-I-could-write-that poetry is sparing you the squirrel-watching body-odor candy-corn-eating details of my life. Really, you should be glad! And I know it's supposed to be about OUR life, but Colby goes to work all day (BORING, too) so he doesn't contribute to blog interest. And on the weekends I make him stay in the house all day so we can listen to BYU football on the radio. Sometimes I'm worried my geekiness is going to alienate people.

In other news, Nursery is going well. We have the cutest kids in the whole world in there. They struggle a little bit with the whole lesson idea, but they're really good at wiggling. This week we were talking about things we were grateful for, and when I suggested movies (we had just had a discussion about our favorite ones, in which Wall-E and Transformers figured largely) one little boy said, "Um, what about libraries?" His mother is doing her JOB. Another favorite exchange from the day (with regard to favorite animals):

Me: Do you like sharks?
Him: Robots can kill sharks. And then they stick them in the fire to cook them.

Um, what?


  1. I seriously love your blog. Every time you make a new post, it makes me happy, because I know that I will giggle at it. I love that you are loving nursery, and that the kids are not liking the lesson idea, but are good at wiggling. Funny. Please, please, please keep posting! It makes my day! I love you guys!

  2. I like the body-odor, candy-corn-eating details of your life. Remember when we used to do that together?
    p.s. your comment on my blog really made me laugh. I love when you stalk me.

  3. Love this post. It sounds strangely similar to my life right now, except for I have never had the eloquence to describe it like that!
    PS. How about we do a little swap: Me for Colby. Not forever, just on Saturdays. That way we can listen to the BYU football games together, and our husbands can actually do what they want on their day off.