Monday, November 1, 2010


"Being called to Nursery is the best form of birth control." (Hilary Hurst)

But actually, we thought it was okay! Our lesson yesterday was on "I Can Take Care of my Body." We taught the children about sleeping, washing, and eating healthy foods because our bodies are blessings from Heavenly Father. It included singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" several times, a fair amount of controlled (?) dancing and wiggling, coloring, and some brainwashing. "What do we say when Mommy says it's time for bed?" "Okay, Mom!" "What do we say when Mommy says to eat our veggies?" "Okay, Mom!" What do we say when Mommy says it's time for a bath?" "Okay, Mom!" It was almost like teaching public health!

The highlight of the whole hour was watching two little boys during clean-up. They both wanted to push the sweeper-vacuum so bad they were fighting over it. Finally, when one kid had his turn, he dumped the remains of a bowl of popcorn on the ground just so he could vacuum them up. I think his mom should take advantage of this interest.


  1. OK, your blog seriously cracks me up. I love the brainwashing, and the wonderful story of the vacuum boy. Seriously, you need to get a job as a writer of some king. And I want to see the pictures you took of your license plate!

  2. Meeb. I love your wedding picture (are there more where that came from??) and the nifty new look of your blog. Thanks for writing great stories about your life!