Monday, November 1, 2010

Sic Semper Tyrannis

As good as I felt about living in Virginia, I feel even better now that I know this is our state motto. It's hard to find a state seal cooler than ours - Virtue (personified as a tough-looking half-naked Roman centurion WOMAN), stands on the fallen body of Tyranny (portrayed as a dead Roman soldier guy). That is just gruesome and stellar beyond anything I hoped to find in this state.

We went to the DMV on Saturday morning and let the United States know we're here to stay. It was an interesting experience. We saw an ALBINO hispanic guy. We saw tons of hispanic guys. It felt like everyone in the DMV was hispanic. Why is that?

We now have Virginia license plates on our car, and we're so geeked out about that we took pictures. Of our OWN license plates. We'll probably take pictures of our new drivers' licenses when they come in the mail in seven to ten days.

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