Saturday, March 26, 2011


I spend a lot of my time these days babysitting. This is sometimes good, and sometimes not. Anyone who knew me in high school, or college, or actually now, knows my feelings toward babysitting - and the extensive list of things I'd rather do or have done to me. But the babysitting I'm doing now isn't so bad. Most of the time, I really enjoy it. Here are some reasons why:
-I go by "Ria" or "Berina," depending on the day. Who knew "Maria" was such a difficult word for little kids to say?
-I am a regular at McDonalds. I've always wanted to be a regular somewhere, but I have to say McDonalds didn't really top my list. The lady who works afternoons at the drive through smiled at me knowingly a couple of weeks ago and asked me how I was. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

I also have the greatest conversations with the kids.

Him: "You can't fly?" Me: "Nope." Him: "You need some pixie dust." Me: "So true."

Me: "What's your favorite animal?" Her: "A panda bear. You know where you can hug one? China. It helps them fall asleep." I wasn't sure if I should warn her against actually attempting to hug a panda, or just let it go.

We recently spent a whole week of babysitting 3 kids, and fortunately (and contrary to my fears at the outset) we finished up feeling like we could still have children someday. Hooray!

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