Friday, April 15, 2011

Hurrah for the life of the farmer!

Today I planted a garden. It is housed in one sterilite box, two window boxes, a cleaning bucket, a plastic pot and a sawed-off milk jug. It will (hopefully) grow green beans, beets, lettuce, spinach, basil, rosemary, cilantro and potatoes (?) maybe. As far as flowers: cosmos, alyssum, and lavender (?) maybe. (Can you tell from the maybes that this is an experiment? The lavender is a maybe because it turns out it's a perennial and usually doesn't bloom until the second year. So it's maybe the lavender will still be alive next year. And the potatoes are a maybe because we weren't really planning on growing them, and I don't really know how beyond just googling it, but then I discovered that we had several shriveled up, sprouted potatoes which turned out to be at the perfect stage to plant, so I put them in the dirt. We'll see.)
Also, I'm growing a ton of wheatgrass! When I told my sister, she said, "Ew, you're not going to eat it, are you?" Answer: no. Don't worry. But it's super easy to grow, and cute and decorative for spring (some examples here.) The young women had an activity in which they planted wheatgrass, and (bonus of being assistant beehive advisor!!) that's where I learned about it. I'm so excited. I have one teeny pot and five little tin cans growing wheatgrass now, and if nothing else, it'll make a cute Easter centerpiece.
The thing I always forget is that while it's super exciting to plant a garden at the beginning, it ends up mostly just being an exercise in patience. So I'm off to the waiting place. (Where, as it turns out, I am ALSO waiting for my hair to grow!)

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