Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things that are great about Mothers' Day

1. It is a wonderful time to be grateful for our mothers, and the mother figures in our lives.

2. And for maybe-someday-mothers, like me, to freeload on all the gratitude, plus all the free gifts in Relief Society. Best day ever.

3. Also, small children always sing in church and I cry and wish I was their mother, which brings me to

4. I conveniently forget how much I hate babysitting and the fact that I can't even keep plants alive.

5. Surly teenage boys give really sincere talks about their mothers in church.

6. There's nothing like hearing 12 year old deacons use the phrase "the anchor in my life" and this rarely happens apart from today.

6. Also, Colby is doing the dishes. Thanks! (See #2).

p.s. I love you, Mom!!

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  1. #2 is my fave. Okay, not really, but I like that part.