Sunday, July 24, 2011

I wasn't sure which was more demeaning - that the neighbor woman I'd never met came BACK to the house to ask me Do you babysit, or that while I reluctantly scribbled my phone number on a piece of scratch paper that I hoped she'd lose on the way home she thought she'd start a polite conversation with So, are you in high school.

There was a pause. Deciding an angry outburst wouldn't be justified, I went with

Um, no ma'am.
(look of disgust)
I'm starting a POST-GRADUATE PROGRAM in the fall.
My HUSBAND AND I moved here last year.
(further look of disgust)

All I want is to be recognized as a legitimate adult. So far, my four years of university training, my bachelor's degree, my address on the East Coast and my wedding ring don't seem to be enough. Do you think it would help if I wore a sign?

I'll never be your peer if you see me as the high schooler who is always available to babysit your kids. Principally because I'm not in high school.

And also?

I hate babystting.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh. I've been ranting about this same thing for weeks. I thought that the fact that I also have a BABY would help. If they don't just assume I'm a teen mom, people (oh yes, people at church) tell me-and my husband- I'm too young to be a wife and a mother. It makes me really angry. I'm considering making a t-shirt. You in?

  2. I'm about to start using this as an excuse not to act like a real grown-up :)