Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reading "The Happiness Project" must be rubbing off on me.

I was reminiscing just now about some things that ordinarily make me feel nostalgic, but today? They didn't. I'm glad my life went the way it did. I'm glad it's going the way it's going. There are things that I used to be and do and people I used to know that I miss, but overall?

I LIKE studying microbiology all day on a Saturday. Because I LIKE microbiology. It's interesting.
I LIKE sitting at the kitchen table listening to Chris LeDoux radio on Pandora (why does country always say what I'm feeling when I can't? This feeling I'm having right now is being echoed by Jamey Johnson and Blue County), eating cold pizza and staring out the window at the bright red tree across the street.
I LIKE looking at our living room and imagining what it would look like if we had curtains and a rug and pictures on the walls. When we have those things, the imagining fun will be over.
I LIKE living with Colby in this tiny apartment outside the huge capital of this huge country.
I LIKE getting up early to work out, I LIKE reading on the treadmill, I LIKE planning Christmas presents for the whole family.
I LIKE where I am and I LIKE what's coming. Whatever it is.

I just finished reading some intense fantasy books, and you know? I couldn't wait to be done. Real life is so wonderful that I can't see why you need to add anything to make an interesting story.

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  1. I just finised that book yesterday! It's great :)