Monday, November 7, 2011

Turns out we do stuff

Quelle surprise!

I mean, besides watching (and apparently becoming obsessed with) movies based on absurd Gothic novels.

We did a mud run. We feel very pleased with ourselves. It was the number one coldest day of my life to date, a record I hope never to surpass (let it be known that we swam across a lake). We are covered with bruises, and have between us one skinned knee and one skinned hand. Our muscles hurt all over. We think ourselves to be VERY HARDCORE. Observe:

See that cargo net we are about to climb over?

Almost done.

There was a mud pit at the end.

In the process of skinning my knee.

Running it in.

Crossing the finish line!

We also got extremely cool t-shirts. I am now canceling out all the coolness by wearing mine today, when I obviously just got it and am too proud of myself not to show it off. I don't care. RESPECT ME.


  1. so much respect! :) seriously, you guys are awesome.