Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I wish Aunt Jemima were my real aunt

Because in an it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time moment that I am going to blame on pregnancy and hunger and low blood sugar and the current phase of the moon, I accidentally made 21 waffles tonight.

Am I the only one who was embarrassed to tell anyone they thought Legolas was hot when they saw the first Lord of the Rings movie?  Because I totally thought he was so attractive but it was a little weird because he... had long blond hair.  And then when I figured out he was a well-known actor that was widely considered to be attractive, I was super relieved.  And I kind of felt like I was leading the pack!

Speaking of leading the pack, I have zero fashion radar.  I think in heaven when they were giving out fashion radar I accidentally lunchtime-swapped my fashion radar for grammar nazi radar.  Apparently, not knowing how mortality was going to be, this seemed like a good idea.  I'm kind of mad at myself now.

So, occasionally I see something fashionable that I also think I would actually wear.  Then I either a) figure I'll get around to it the next time I feel like I can spend money on clothes, or b) worry that it will be gone by then and find a way to purchase it much sooner than that.  Usually a.  Curiously, every time I pick a, the trend doesn't hang around that long, and I'm out of luck (for clarity:  not because I wouldn't wear it if it were out of style.  HA like I care, even when I totally should.  Because it being out of style makes it much harder to buy).  But every time I pick b, I end up seeing these clothes (that I was so anxious to get to avoid an a situation) hanging around in stores for like years to come.  And cheaper than when I bought them.  How do people figure out this stuff, anyway?  What is wrong with me??  Is it because I swapped my fashion radar for a mess of punctuation, or should I be reading celebrity magazines?  Because I DO!  But only to see more pictures of Kate Middleton/the royal baby.  

Please let me know if you find an answer to this.  I'll be the one wearing sweatpants + no makeup at the grocery store.  (happysad that What Not To Wear is over.  I'll miss the free advice, but now I can stop living in fear).

In the mean time, I'll be consoling myself with my freezer full of homemade Eggos.  


  1. I've got great news for you. I had a life-size Legolas in my room for the last 2 years of high school. My mom hated him because every time she walked into my room she thought he was an intruder. Every year I try to convince Caleb to don a long blonde wig, pointy ears, and a bow on Halloween. I kinda look like Liv Tyler, right? Anyways, when it happens we will be the costume duo of the year. And you are wonderful.

  2. Linds, I always knew we were soulmates.

  3. You are most definitely not the only one who found Legolas to be attractive. In fact, on my parent's computer, there is still a file full of pictures I gleaned from the internet that I compiled during those early, formative years.