Friday, November 15, 2013

Kid bragging

Let me talk about my kid for a minute:  he's the best and we're so glad he's ours.  It makes me sad to think that someday I'm going to have to stop having babies.  It's basically my favorite pastime.  

Last Tuesday the election people gave him an "I voted" sticker which provided the afternoon's entertainment.  

Looking out the window.  Major bonus points if anyone's out there walking their dog.  

Our ottoman = Eli's personal stone of Sisyphus.

The other day he brought me one shoe and so I put it on him.  He seemed pretty pleased with that and didn't seem to care at all about the other one, but walked around with one shoe on all morning.

This is the most hilarious Romanian/Bolivian? sweater of all time.  

Yesterday at a restaurant he abruptly started coloring.  I've colored with him like exactly 3 times and I had no idea he had grasped the idea.  But he very pointedly handed me the paper to open, then grabbed a crayon (by the proper end!!) and began tapping/drawing lines.  Pretty impressive.

He has also figured out what a phone is for, and it's kind of hilarious to see him walking around babbling with my old cell phone next to his ear.  

I thought he was fun as a baby, but this just keeps getting better and better.  I want to have at least 8 more of these.  

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